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Want to be convinced to come to Ormond Beach? Here are some great reasons:

The people - while Ormond Beach is a great Floridian beach city, many people call this wonderful city home. You will find that our residents are among the nicest in the state

Beaches - We have gorgeous beaches that are quiet and easy to walk on or go for a swim

Bang for your buck - While there are upscale eateries and accommodations, Ormond Beach is not overly commercial and still preserves its natural beauty. It is way more relaxing than many of the overly commercialized tourist traps.

Great Eateries - While we do hope you drop in for lunch at Eden Fresh Cafe, we want you to enjoy some of the other wonderful eateries in town. There are great places to enjoy the food, and as with Eden Fresh cafe, many places offer indoor as well as beautiful outside seating.

Shopping - We have Tangers Outlet mall, Walmarts, Publix, Best Buy, and much more all very close by.  If you really like shopping you can also visit ONE Daytona, a beautiful collection of high end shops located across from the Nascar Raceway.

We at Eden Fresh Café have published this page as a service to our guests. We think you have either come to Ormond Beach or are planning on coming to Ormond Beach and you might want to know what to do around here. Check out this page with local attractions which we will be constantly udpating.

First, allow me to tell you that as a lifelong Floridian, Ormond Beach encompasses all of the natural beauty synonymous with our beautiful state. Whereas there are many tourist traps throughout the state, Ormond Beach is a place that allows visitors to experience beach side nature while being very tourist friendly.

Below, we will start off by listing tons of places to visit, while staying within 5-10 minutes of our café. We will be adding the attractions that are a little farther towards the bottom of this page.

Before we start listing the actual attractions, know this about Ormond Beach:

  • Spectacular beaches
  • Virtually no traffic (nice to go on vacation and get away from traffic)
  • Air - let's face it Florida summers are hot, but when you are beach side you can generally expect a warm summer breeze
  • Nature – beautiful parks and natural sites
  • Boating, fishing, and jet skiing
  • Surfing/surfing lessons
  • Eden Fresh Café – Hey, if I am going to take the time to write this information, I am going to ask you to support our establishment too. We are on CurbNgo. We are 100% Kosher certified. We serve lots of delicious foods, but also cater to many special dietary restrictions. Our food is extremely fresh with a terrific Italian menu as well as the greatest selection of salads and fish. Did I mention very large portions?

Listed below are attractions that are all within five minutes of our Eden Fresh Cafe:

Daytona Climbing Company

Indoor climbing gym fun for the family!

Boating Rentals Right Near the Cafe

Get a boat rental on a 2019 KeyWest boat that fits 8 people and enjoy the beautiful Florida rivers. Without a captain, half day is $350 and full day is $475.

Ocean Club Inc

On the surface, you might think this is just a huge souvenir shop. Ocean Club is a destination. They feature lots of fun for the kids like baby turtles, unique beach toys, lots of vacation gear, such as beach towels, however the thing kids enjoy the most is the custom t-shirts. Ocean Club will also offer you a 10% discount when you bring in an Eden Fresh Café receipt. They also give you a FREE gift just for coming in.

Daytona Escape Room

Daytona Escape Room is a real life escape game, team-building experience! Each themed room is filled with a series of locks, clues, and puzzles to solve. Gather your friends and family and immerse yourself in an interactive themed world for an enjoyable hour of fun. Mention "EDEN5" to get $5 off PER PERSON

Miniature Golf

Right next door to Ocean Club is a beautiful miniature gold course. What is so special about this miniature golf course? It is right across the street from the ocean, so you can play, entertain the kids, and still enjoy the ocean breeze. It is also very reasonably priced.

Bike Rentals and Surf Shop

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to explore the Daytona Beach area on a bicycle or electric bike, then you have come to the right place! Surfari Surf Shop offers bicycle rentals and New Electric Bike rentals at great hourly and daily rates! Located just around the corner from Eden Fresh Cafe!

Daytona Lagoon

This is a water park and they have a terrific arcade. It is also located across the street from the ocean. Rain or shine a great place to go because they have the outdoor water fun, or the indoor arcades. From time to time we have discount passes or offers from them at the café.

Rockefeller Gardens Park/Fortunato Park

These are two incredible parks. These are two parks that connect to each other by a beautiful trail under the main bridge that crosses over the Halifax River. This is the perfect place to enjoy your food delivery (only blocks from the café),and not tire out. A small park, but gorgeous views, shady areas, a beautiful playground for the kids, and plenty of spots to go fishing in. There is also a Kayak rental company that is extremely well priced, and they will bring the Kayaks right to the park for you.

Ormond Beach Rentals

Ormond Beach Rentals offers umbrellas and loungers as well as a wide array of classic and new beach games. Whether you're alone or with a group we’ve got the right activity for you. They also deliver to Andy Romano Park (see below). Special promotion coming soon!

There are also three of the most beautiful parks that you will ever see just minutes from the café:

Andy Romano Beachfront Park

This is also very close to Ocean Club and just minutes from the café. A very kid friendly park and it is just five minutes from Eden Fresh Café, and it is right on the beach.Eden Fresh is happy to deliver to Andy Romano Beachfront Park, as well as any park listed on this web page.

Bicentennial Park

Thisis great for someone that wants a park that is large yet quiet. It is located across the street from some of the most beautiful and quiet beaches, anywhere in Florida.

Tomoka State Park

This is the biggest and most spectacular of the parks. It has nature trails and spectacular views. You can go bird watching. If you are lucky, you can spot eagles at this park. There are boat rentals and fishing opportunities there as well.

Perhaps my favorite? Walk out of our Café, make a right and walk 750 feet. You will be on the beach. You can park on that stretch of beach, but even better leave your park right near the café and walk on the beach. Go north along the Atlantic Ocean where you will be walking along some of the most beautiful single family homes anywhere. The sand is generally smooth which makes it easy to walk. It is relaxing, beautiful, and soothing this time of the year. Great way to keep children entertained as well. Eden Fresh Café is happy to deliver anywhere in Ormond Beach.

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